To create a forum of experienced voices for art education, art appreciation and pedagogy in India. We wish to address critical issues concerning teaching methodology, content and contemporary art practice.


  • To review the fine art syllabi and recommend suggestions by an expert committee. These changes need not be prescriptive but make suggestions.
  • To create an all Indian network of art colleges to facilitate interaction, intervention and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To share regional art historical contexts and visual languages.
  • To retain local context of teaching and specialization and raise questions about traditional art education and its dissemination.
  • To be perceptive to changes in the art scene, to be aware of new modes of knowledge production and alternative ways of art practice that may not be part of the syllabi.
  • To encourage and support experimentation and process rather than product. Collaboration, public art, new media, material and the idea of “social sculpture” - an outreach program that connects the arts with the communities.
  • To explore conversations with living traditions of art and look at local craft languages in the contemporary context .
  • To constantly upgrade teacher skills, knowledge and pedagogy. And support them with information and archival materials to upgrade their visual references from local, national and international examples of art history.
  • To formulate issue based content that will address social, political and educational issues with examples from the contemporary art world and provide a critical framework for its practice.
  • To organize art appreciation sessions and lectures on visual art by eminent personalities from India at schools and colleges.
  • To be a catalyst for change from within to accommodate the new cutting edge art practices and innovations.
  • To develop skills and make art history relevant to art practice and make students aware of their environment, material , social and cultural context
  • To create opportunities to have senior artists in residence in art institutions.
  • To create opportunities to explore and experiment with new media and material through art camps and workshops.
  • To encourage and experiment with new material, concepts and ideas. To nurture creativity and experimentation in the arts and share the same.
  • To create an interface with local art & craft practitioners, visual languages and the art students.

  • To help create a democratic art education pedagogy that is inclusive of contemporary art practice.
  • To understand regional limitations and suggest remedial measures.
  • To nurture dialog, debate and to address issues of art students and help upgrade the art syllabi.
  • To work with art teachers and assist them with creating an inclusive and critical evaluation of art education.
  • To create a network of individuals and institutions that can support each other in the process of upgrading content and teaching methodology.