Hanuman Kambli

Visual artist & Educationist


Hanuman Kambli is an internationally reputed printmaker, painter, professor of Art and Scholar.His work have been exhibited in major centers in India and globally in countries such as Egypt,Brazil,Japan, Cuba,France,Germany, Bulgaria,Macedonia,Spain,Poland,Norway,Taiwan,SouthKorea,Portugal,Macao,The United States of America,UnitedKingdom,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka and Australia.
He traveled widely in the U.K.;U.S.A.;Europe and Australia to lecture,demonstrate and conduct workshop in the area of printmaking,painting and drawing.
His work have been featured and cataloged along with the masters of the 20th century as well as Indian masters and have been collected in museums and galleries around the world.
His work address his personal experiences of Indian mythology and philosophy. He lives and work in Goa.